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Heeeeey, my Peoplesszzz!

Thanks so much for visiting my website!  This is the perfect spot to get comfy, cozy and nosey! I've taken time to build this website so I hope you enjoy viewing photos of all of the super cool people that I have been blessed to photograph.

By the way, my name is WyShonda, but most ppl call me Shonda.  I guess I would describe myself as an around the way girl.  I was born and raised in New Orleans, LA..magnolia girl, to be more specific ( I had to throw that in there :-)! I am a super calm flower child, a lover of natural light, bright colors & mixed patterns, big hair, vinyl records, herbal baths and loud music! 

I am an assistant project manager at an elementary, french charter school here in nola and a substitute teacher, aka "the child whisperer" at another middle school! In addition to the school gigs, I have a cool herbal bath product line called, "Flowering Rosemary."  I am a 41 year old divorcee with 50/11 thousand kids, but none that are biological.  

I love that most of my clients become an extended part of my family.  My shooting style is pretty laid back and fun! Now that your nosey butts know everything about me, If you've been thinking of booking a photo session, hit that contact form and introduce yourself!  






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